california psychics review

California Psychics Review


For over 20 years, people have come to California Psychics for answers to their life questions. This site takes a closer look on predicting the road ahead in your life and it also goes further to assist you in your planning and decision making. California Psychics utilizes a three-tier system where it sorts its readers into popular, preferred and premier categories. All psychics are screened but those in the category of preferred and premier are most sought after.


  • You can reach psychic advisers round the clock via phone, instant messaging or the app.
  • Comprehensive screening process – only about 2% of the psychics are approved
  • Starting rate of $1 per minute
  • Flexible appointments can be set with the psychics


  • You cant reach them on video chat
  • Satisfaction guarantee is not a money back guarantee but site credits instead

What is the California Psychic's vetting process?

California Psychics prides itself in being the leader amongst psychic reading platforms in the aspect of vetting their psychics. People who wish to be registered as psychics have to undergo a 4 stage vetting process and this is executed over the course of 4 weeks

In the first stage, the prospective psychic forwards an application with details of their skills and experience in the field. After this is approved, the applicant then progresses to the next stage where he is evaluated. At this juncture, he is mandated to go through 2 evaluations with the team from California Psychics. This is immediately followed by a comprehensive background check.

If the applicant is successful, he will be required to provide information for his profile and then undergo an online training course that details the step by step procedure for taking phone calls in alignment with the California Psychics system.

According to California Psychics, they only admit 2% of their applicants. You can pick psychics based on their popularity on the site and the kind of reviews they have knowing fully well that they have undergone the full vetting process.

Categories of Psychics and Services

As an added advantage beside the satisfaction guarantee, years of experience and a very rigorous vetting process, California Psychics provide one of the most comprehensive varieties of psychic reading services. These are some of their services offered:

Tarot Readings

Tarot cards have been employed for centuries to look closely into the person in front of the psychic reader and to offer them insights into their personal lives and the kind of person that they are. This deck of 78 cards is a kind of code that can be translated by a psychic reader to give you an eye-opening reading.

Love readings

A psychic that specializes in love readings can speak to you on the phone and help you decide what isn’t clear to you. Is your relationship heading anywhere? Does your partner feel the same thing you feel for him? Should you quit the relationship or keep going?


This category of psychics are involved with readings that focus on empathizing with the client’s emotions and feelings in a bid to better relate to their lives. When you are troubled by a seeming barrage of uncertainty or sorrow, an empath can put himself in your shoes and help you navigate through it all.

These are some of the different kinds of psychic readings that you can find on California Psychics. Further tools and specialisations on offer include past lives, astrology, money and finances, numerology and dream interpretation. The site also has some other features such as the daily horoscope, its own blog and further tips for those who want to venture into the psychic world.

Pricing and Offers

California Psychics have starter packages n offer with a rate of $1 – $4 per minute. This rate is dependant on which tier your attending psychic belongs to. This is what makes the California Psychics’ offers stand out. The site has its psychics grouped into 3 major tiers and these are the new, preferred and the premier. This grouping is done based on their popularity and experience. It is a means to assist you in choosing whether or not to go all in to select a psychic or to go with another that isn’t as high profile but suits your specific needs and budget.

Beyond this starter pack, there is no specific cost per minute per any particular tier. Every psychic is free to decide what his rates will be and whilst a lot of them charge below $10 per minute, there are a few that will cost you way more than that. Some have exceeded the $15 per minute mark already.

Whats different about California Psychics?


California Psychics have their applicants go through a 4 stage screening process that will take about 4 weeks. This is perhaps the most rigorous screening and vetting process in the industry right now. This assist users to have confidence in the calibre of psychics that will be attending to them.

Money back guarantee

If at any point, you are dissatisfied by the service you have received, you can reach them within 24 hours and ask for a refund back to your account. The site will also assist you in finding a new psychic that may be better suited to your needs.

3 tiered Pricing structure

California psychics sort psychics in 3 tiers based on their popularity and experience. This is a way for you to focus your search to a specific tier who meet your price expectations.

Karma rewards

California psychics issue loyalty points in the form of karma rewards. With every purchase, you can get points that you can use for future readings and also exploit various offers and discounts. 

Variety and Experience

California psychics have been in this industry for over 20 years and they have accumulated a wealth of experience and a host of satisfied clients. They make sure to meet every customer need.

Bottom Line

If you are searching for answers on life issues, California psychics provide a wide selection of services that will help you find these answers regardless of your budget.

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