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Hollywood Psychics Review


Hollywood psychics will give you the option to reach out to a psychic advisor to talk about stuff on your own schedule. You can make use of the site to connect with psychics who market a host of skills and make use of the search option to choose from a list of up to 4 psychics. The psychics are ranked based on price, rating and a host of other variables.


  • You can get readings online via phone or chat.
  • Psychics have to prove themselves with 2 readings before they are approved
  • The inbuilt search function allows you to easily select a psychic based on a variable you prefer
  • Special starter packs
  • Money back guarantee. A lot better than site credits


  • You can’t video chat the psychics
  • Beyond the starter rates, the site will cost you around $5 per minute which is more expensive than other sites
  • Not as many psychics as you get on other sites

What is the Hollywood Psychics Screening Process?

Hollywood Psychics doesn’t allow anyone to give readings without proper vetting. The first step for anybody who wants to be registered as a psychic is to fill out a long questionnaire which mandates them to upload a copy of their resume and provide answers to certain questions.

After this application stage, the site will organize a 10-15 minute psychic reading session for a current psychic and if they do well, they will proceed to create an account to the site.

Types of Psychics and Services

Hollywood psychics have readers that possess a lot of experience in all the major areas of psychic readings as well as the less important ones. These are some of their main services:

Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are popular as a method to read into the future and zoom in on the fate of the client. In practice, a pack of 78 illustrated cards are used by the psychics to describe the nature of the customers and to gain more insight into the essence of their very being and what they are going through. Just as Tarot readings, Cartomancy makes use of a deck of cards to do fortune readings. All of these are available with Hollywood Psychics.


Clairvoyants make use of their extrasensory skills and senses to look into the future and what is beyond and unseen by the eye. This skill is utilized in readings that reveal to the client the happenings in their lives that they aren’t or cannot see and the possible challenges they can face down the road.


We are sometimes in fixes and all we need is just to have someone who can relate to the things we feel. Empaths are psychics that can put themselves in the emotions that the client is feeling and this helps them face the challenges they are dealing with.

Psychic Medium

We are all present in the physical realm at least for now and with the assistance of the psychics, we can tap into the spiritual world. Psychics can work with people or a group of people called séances in order to connect with people who have moved on to the other side. Many people refer to psychics in a bid to connect with a lost loved one.

There is a host of other specialities that psychics of Hollywood psychics deal with and this even includes animal readings, dream interpretation, numerology and so many more.

Pricing & Special Offers

Hollywood Psychics has as a starting rate of $1 per minute and when that rate is all used up, the clients are placed on a plan that costs $5 per minute. This offer is simple and straightforward to adopt but you might get cheaper rates elsewhere.

The site also has incentives that it issues to its customers via a program referred to as membership perks and for every 10 readings of 10 minutes or more per month, clients can get an extra 5 bonus minutes free of charge.

What is Unique about Hollywood Psychics?

Hollywood psychics employs a rigorous vetting process for their prospective readers and this is something that makes them stand out from most of the competition. While you can’t video chat the readers, they offer a phone and chat conversation with a good number of psychics that covers a wide range of specialities.

Probably one of the standout features of Hollywood Psychics is the satisfaction guarantee. While other sites will only give you a refund in the form of site credits, Hollywood Psychics will actually refund your money in form of cash.

The site also has audio recordings of the psychics and this allows you to have an idea what your psychic sounds like before booking a session.

Customer support

This site will only give you a refund if you are not satisfied with your appointment. They go well beyond the usual site credit refund that we see with most other sites

Clients can get in touch in various ways that include online contact forms, live chat and via phone at 1.866.866.5949.


With Hollywood psychics, you get a wide array of specialists that can meet all your needs. You can easily select a psychic reader and compare them against others on the site confident that they have all passed the vetting process.

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