kasamba psychics review

Kasamba Psychics Review


With almost two decades of experience, Kasamba is a tested and trusted option for those who are looking for psychic readings. The company deals with a wide range of readings that can be anything from career advice to love, dream interpretation and so much more. Kasamba has a real time chat platform where you can connect with your reader live. This is as good as meeting the reader in person. You have 3 minutes free of charge whenever you try out a new psychic so you have nothing to fear trying out Kasamba.


  • First 3 minutes is free of charge with every new psychic
  • You can chat with them 24/7 on any device
  • Money back guarantee.


  • The sheer number of psychics available can be overwhelming
  • No option to video chat
  • Psychic Screening Process

Unlike other sites, Kasamba does not depend on reviews and feedback from clients but they rather control the quality of their readers via an internal quality assurance team. The screening and vetting process is inclusive of a background check, test reading and one on one interview.

Additionally, Kasamba values the feedback from clients so much that they follow up consistently to make sure that their standards are adhered to. This careful vetting gives customers the confidence to enjoy experienced and professional psychic readers.

Types of Psychics and Services

Kasamba offer 24/7 communication via their chat, phone and app. If you need to consult during the weekend or at night, professionals from Kasamba are always on hand to give you support.

Online mailbox

For the purpose of confidentiality, you may wish to consult a psychic without being physically present and Kasamaba psychics have made this possible by providing a special mailbox that they can use in the manner they prefer.

Career and Love Psychic readings

A lot of the psychics on Kasamba focus on helping clients find answers to the big questions centered on their love lives and careers. Sometimes when they are dealing with these big issues and decisions, it is helpful to have someone unbiased on the outside looking within.

Tarot reading

Although they are often seen as a means to see into the future, tarot reading cards actually give us a peak into our very selves and the essence of who we really are, if you are facing the threat of anxiety and depression all the time, a trot card reading is a great way to gain more insight and perspective.

Different Languages

Kasamba is one of the few US based psychic centers where you can get a session in a language such as German or Spanish. This is proof that they have on their staff a good number of specialists that are second to none

Dream analysis

We sleep for about a third of our lives and this sleeping is mostly accompanied with dreams and mysteries. With dream interpretation, readers can help you see the inner and deeper meaning of various things. This helps you understand especially if you are the king who tosses and turns all night.

Other specialties

Kasamba is a diverse place and you can’t get this diversity anywhere else. Additionally, they offer standard packages like fortune telling and love readings. The company also has a specialty in Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, occult, readings on your past life, eastern philosophy and a lot more.

Pricing & Special Offers

With Kasamba you get a free session of up to 3 minutes and a discount of 50% with your first session with any psychic. 3 minutes might seem inadequate to get a full understanding of a psychic but it does help you make an informed decision on picking a psychic.

Beyond what is stipulated above, the pricing on Kasamba is driven by the psychics themselves. Pricing on Kasamba is varied and befitting of a site that doesn’t do any screening and with a diverse pool of advisors and psychics. Some readers will cost you around $1 per minute and in the same place you can get readers that will charge as much as $20 per minute or even higher. This depends on their experience and reputation. There is also a feature on Kasamba called Psychic Spotlight where a special discount is offered for a featured psychic. This happens once every month so you can try out various experts to pick your match.

You can browse through the site and see what fits your description and budget based on experience and reviews per psychic.

What makes Kasamba stand out?

Chat real time

With the video chat option, the psychic and the client can enter into an engaging conversation and it feels as though they were face to face. Additionally with the email set up by Kasamba, you can also send messages to the psychic even when you aren’t on the site or during non-working hours.


There are so many specialties on offer on Kasamba and very few sites can even have as much diversity. They offer everything from Tarot card readings to Jewish mysticism. You can find a reader and advisor that will help you though anything that might be affecting you. If you are not sure on what exactly you need, Kasamba will help you cast a very wide net.


Kasamba also delves into the world of horoscopes and they examine how the positions of every star will affect your personal life and relationships. You can get readings for your birthday horoscope, love, career and even financial readings for the coming year. You can get these horoscope messages in your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with your reading, you can ask for a refund from the site within 3 days since the end of your session. On approval, you will get a refund to your account that you can use for another reading session.

Customer Support

Kasamba has a set up where you can chat real time with your advisors and get answers to all your questions. They also run a knowledge repository where you can go through all kinds of queries and find answers. In this section you can also raise a support ticket and expect a response in 24 hours or less.


With Kasamba, you get variety and this is like no other psychic reading site. This means that most of your concerns will be addressed on this site. The 247 real time chat option also allows you to interact with your advisors anytime and anywhere. You also get a lot of attractive started offers and a wide variety of reading options that makes it easy for you to find what you need.

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