keen psychics review

Keen Psychics Review


There is no feeling as unique as love. It is for lack of better words mysterious, hard to understand and yet the key to a life filled with so much happiness. The psychic advisors discussed in our keen psychics review focus more on love and relationship issues. They employ the occult art of tarot reading, channelling and astrology amongst others to help meet the needs of those who consult them. Their dedicated psychics are always available to take your calls and reply to your chats. The Keen mobile app is also where you can find them. Keen's platform is such an amazing site as it helps you find answers to most crucial questions in your life. The site is recorded to have hosted a whooping conversation of over 35 million between individuals and psychics advisors.


  • You can read customer reviews and feedback before you purchase
  • Access to reward programs that refund 10% of what you spend
  • The site has been running since 1999


  • Psychic advisors are always available by chat, phone call and the Keen app
  • Rates are very affordable. You get to pay as low as $1.99 per minute with some psychics
  • They offer a Money back guarantee
  • There's an arrange a call feature that lets your favourite psychic advisor call you back following a request


  • It doesn't come with a video chat option
  • The search function on the site doesn't cover much

What is the Keen Psychic Screening Process?

Though there are hundreds of psychic advisors on the platform, Keen still is ever open to advisors who wish to work on the site, but unlike other sites offering psychic reading services, the screening process on Keen is different. Those who wish to work on the platform are made to contact Keen first, and are then allowed to set up their own listing- this process takes only a few minutes. After that is done, the psychic is given a toll-free number and is able to start receiving calls and chats.

The screening process isn't as rigid as what is to be found on other sites. It is usually done on a crowdsourcing basis. Users who've had dealings with any of prospective psychics post reviews on them. Other users get to decide which psychic to patronise based on the number of good reviews a particular psychic has.

This process is great as it allows users to create their own quality control.

Types of Psychics & Services on Keen

At the moment, Keen boasts of hundreds of psychic advisors ready to offer affordable yet excellent readings on a 24/7 basis. A lot of psychics on the platform are experts in offering love advice, career guidance, tarot cards, and medium services.

Here are a few services offered on the platform:

Love & Relationships

Keen channels majority of its psychic efforts into helping individuals understand what love is all about. The platform contains a whole lot of advisors who are experts at dealing with matters of the heart. If you wish to find out whether or not a relationship you're in with someone has a future or whether your days of being single are over, then Keen is the place to go.

Life Questions

Everyone at some point in life sits still and ponders on some crucial questions regarding their lives. Such questions include what career to go for, if it is right to quit a job and what decision to make in a certain situation. Keen provides you with a great number of skilled advisors who understand what you are facing and will show you the way forward. Thereby saving you from making the wrong decision in life.

Tarot Readings

For so many years, man has turned to Tarot readings in a bid to learn more about themselves and to know what the future held. And tarot readings has never failed. Keen provides you with some of the best tarot readers, so if you wish to have an accurate tarot reading, use the platform.

Spiritual Readings

Regardless of what science preaches year in year out, the physical world isn't all there is. In fact, the spiritual realm is more real than this physical world. Humans aren't just made of flesh, we have a spirit. Psychic readers who specialize in this art help us find a greater meaning to life and also help us understand the spiritual world around us. And in cases where a certain problem in one's life has a spiritual cause, these readers help the affected decipher the cause and proffer solutions. Advisors with this amazing ability can be found, Keen.

Psychic Mediums

You would agree with us that losing a loved one is one of the greatest losses in life anyone can experience. Psychic mediums help those who have lost loved ones reach out to them in the world beyond and help bring messages to and from their deceased loved ones.

Other Categories

In addition to the Psychic services earlier mentioned, Keen also hosts psychics who offer such services as numerology, financial advise, dream interpretation, Feng Shui, pet psychic reading and Astrology of the Mayans and Chinese.

Spanish speaking clients are also accommodated on the site. Keen has “psiquicos” made available to those who would rather get their reading in Spanish.

Pricing & Special Offers

Feel free to check out Keen's risk-free pricing. You get an extra 3 minutes for free. Some Psychics on the platform are even known to offer to first-time clients an unbelievable 10 minutes of reading for just $1.99.

Keen hosts lots and lots of independent contractors who charge clients at their own rates. Rates to be found on the platform ranges from as low as $1.99 per minute to as high as $34 per minute. A great number of advisors on the site charge between $2 – $10 per minute though.

After choosing a Psychic to work with, if it happens that you aren't pleased with the readings you got, there's a refund policy that lets you get back your fund. Before the refund, you are expected to fill out the relevant support form within 3 days of the supposed reading. The platform allows only one refund within the space of 30 days.

Why is Keen so unique?

The site unlike most sites in its industry uses the feedback gotten from customers to rate and rank the psychics it hosts. What this means is, when you visit the site for the first time, the psychics recommended to you are not there because they paid to be ranked highly by Keen, they are there based strictly on merit- being what other customers have said about their services.

You also get to be part of the process for ranking psychics as you leave a review at the end of a reading.

Callback Option

This amazing feature is one of those things that makes Keen stand out so well. If a psychic isn't available to take your calls or reply to your chats at the moment, you can make a callback request and have your favourite psychic call you back when they are free. Anyone can simply make the request by clicking a box next to the psychic’s listing title, which takes you to a menu where you explain how long you’re ready to wait.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The platform offers users a satisfaction guarantee. All you have to do is fill out the request form to be found on the website within 3 days of the reading. As earlier stated, you can only file for a refund once a month. If and when approved, your $25 is credited to your account. Please note Keen does not offer cash back.

Customer Support

For those who wish to get answers regarding their Keen account or would very much like to be advised on psychic readings, all the answers you need can be gotten on their blog. You can also use the customer support form available online to file out a query or reach out to their customer service during business hours at 1-877-533-6435.


Keen takes readings very seriously and offers a unique approach to psychic readings like no other. Its use of reviews gotten from happy or disgruntled customer to rate the hundreds of psychics it hosts, helps users make the right decision when choosing an advisor. So if you need an accurate reading from a first-class psychic, Keen is the only platform where you can find him/her.

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a psychic reading on Keen today.

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