learning to read the tarot

Learning To Read The Tarot With Life And Depth

As a professional psychic and tarot reader, I am always asked what is the best way to learn the meaning of the cards. While the Tarot is based on ancient archetypes and images that are universal it is possible and highly useful to develop meanings that are personal to the individual reader.

Much like the dream world, what one image may conjure up for one person, that same image can have a very different meaning to another. The art form comes into play when the reader is then able to combine his or her own personal meanings along with the intuitive guidance that is received during the consultation.

While there are many good books written on how to read the cards, many times the interpretations can be rather cold or mundane. It is easy to assess that the Death card will mean transition or that the Ace’s indicate beginnings, but to bring life and depth to the reading, it is necessary to go deep within ourselves as the reader.

Learning To Read The Tarot
I have found that one of the best ways of learning to read the tarot is to do a “daily card spread” every morning for yourself. It can be the traditional 10 card Celtic spread or a simple 5 or 3 card spread. Take your time, it can be a meditative experience where you allow yourself to be immersed in the artwork of your chosen deck. Really dive deep into the images, the colors, the details that emerge. I have seen the eyes of the Kings move as if alive! No two decks are the same. After you have taken time with the spread, record it.

Keep a journal, write down what cards came up for the day. At the end of your day, go back and look at your notes. You will then be able to see that there was a correlation with the specific cards that came up and the events of the day. You will start to see patterns emerge, for example when I see the Emperor and the 10 of wands, I know I will have a busy day with a lot of responsibility, but I have learned that it will usually be filled with a sense of accomplishment.

You will, in a relatively short time of learning to read the tarot cards, begin to see and feel the language and see patterns on timing (another lesson). Unlike Sanskrit mantra work, which I am also I fan of, if you miss a day don’t stress. The key is to track the daily cards with your daily experiences and you will soon see the synchronistic meanings between the two. Be blessed in your quest!

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