Life Path Numbers & Numerology Explained

I'm a numerologist and I'm a teacher at the Canadian school of numerology and heart and I've been practising I say practising numerology. Numerology has fascinated me now for about 22 years and it's an ongoing process. With numerology, you don't know everything so because I've been practising a long time like books and I kept lectures and it's actual life that teaches us about numbers.

I'm really keen to hear all your questions because that's what's important, and that's how we grow that's how we learn. Numerology is science, psychology and philosophy of numbers and it's based on the number one in this article. If we look at all those different aspects we say it's a science. New malla G as a science because the whole world is made up of moving atoms of energy. As we know were all little energy bubbles, but energy bubbles are bouncing into each other merging with each other and in fact, these seats we are sitting on are not real and are inoperative. They're just energy slowed down to a more solid vibration so everything is energy and so, therefore, numbers are not black-and-white digits on a page they're actually. So when we're talking about numbers were talking about movement then we say it's the philosophy of them as no philosophy means the way by which you learn you grow as many different from us.

So it's a way by which we achieve something else in this case more intuition more wisdom more experience and then it's a psychology. The psychology of numbers really means that like when you look at economic forecasts and things like that you can look back to the past you can look to previous cycles and you'll see exactly what was happening at that time in those cycles in your life.

In our little lives in the world and we can learn from those cycles but that's about going back and then there's a fourth element to numerology and that's all about using the intuition or going into the unknown. This is really what I want to focus on in this article as it's how I started. It's not that I know everything about number or numerology or no a lot it's that I'm here learning each moment each day about how these wonderful number cycles influence our life.

So then we have to go back to the zero and the zero is the potential and the potential for everything and nothing. Everything comes out of the void it's a bit like have you heard that the melting pot everything goes into the melting pot it goes back to zero. This is because we take on next experience after out of that attention so yes so all the numbers 1 to 9 are actually materialized. So we clearly know that the numbers one to nine government life they govern everything from that from economics to the time of the birth date of birth cycles, birth and death, everything goes in cycles.

We also know that these cycles repeat themselves over and over again and we say we give them a number the numbers one in this article. But the numbers 1 to 9 are really a blueprint for what they expect for the incomes of experience we can create. Out of that cycle of movement of energy, we go back to energy were going back to the void. We're going back to nothing so the numbers 1 to 9. For example this year when 2015 which adds up to an 8 and so we're gonna look at how the last time we, were in an 8 cycle that might be influencing us now and how we can actually make our future potential out of that cycle to recreate things so we don't repeat the past or repeat past mistakes and we can also tap into its future potential by going into this void.

So where is the void in the numbers, where the void is in the centre within in the space in the nothing this air is full of energy air is full of movement so we go inside within ourselves and we connect with intuition. That's the other ingredient that we need in order to be able to give a new Maji reading or to really allow the numbers to speak to us we need intuition. This can be as simple as like when you go into an art gallery and you gaze at a painting and as you gaze that painting takes you deeper and deeper and then suddenly you've lost the room. You don't remember who you are I can't feel your body you're actually out of time and space as we say. You're in the Voyager in the energy behind physically that's what we're looking at with numbers. When we look at numbers we gaze and somehow just by not through the internet not like saying number one is a new beginning or number six is for relationship or whatever we're not looking at it like.

We're actually, looking at it anew so that that number whether it's a date or the birthdate or personality number is going to give us the information that we need. So it's very important to be very fluid with numbers.

Okay so that is how numerology is useful and it can be used to help somebody understand more about their behaviour. It can actually be applied to connect with a deeper soul purpose of an individual's lifetime. When we say one little life time is a short time as we know but there is plenty of time to learn those deeper lessons. Then the personality is the personality number is taken from the day in the month you were born on the Life Path number is taking up when you add up the whole data boat so they're different vibrations with a different purpose. We're now using the same numbers but in a different way to look at something different and then we look at the birth names and we transcribe them into numbers using the alphabet to actually say equals 1 equals 2c3 we've transcribed them and their vibration so numbers are actually sound vibrations. We keep coming back to energy keep coming back to movement everything is the movement you know our hearts always beating that air is always blowing everything in life is moving so we follow these cycles 1 to 9 and they're going to a tremendous amount of information about life.

So we can apply an emoji to our personal birth chart that's our name our full names on our birth certificate or, sometimes pet names stage names business,names everything can be explored through the use of numerology and we can also apply numerology to a general dates or to any kind of situation that's happening in the world. So it literally links us with the past with the present with a potential for the future and the main thing about numerology is that it's a gift to help bring us together.

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