Oranum Psychics Review


One of the standout qualities of the Oranum site is the stylish design that allows the users to see all psychics that are ready to speak with them live. The site also built in chat rooms that you can use free of charge where users can interact and get to know each other. Oranum’s psychics have a wealth of experience in a variety of mediums and they have made the site a site truly worth a try. With a free consultation before reading, there is little wonder why Oranum is one of the most known psychic reading sites globally.


  • The only psychic reading site that allows clients video chat with advisors free of charge
  • Free demos of psychics available that will allow you better understand your psychic before selection
  • A chat room where you can get to know other users of the site


  • Different payment plans which include gift cards at a discounted rate
  • Easier to get to know the psychics through video chat
  • There is an hourly free demonstration that you can get selected for
  • Free chat rooms where you can interact with other users


  • You can only get readings via the video chat platform
  • There are sometimes connectivity issues with the video chat when there is an influx of users especially during live demos

What is the Oranum Psychics selection pool?

Oranum takes all their psychics through a careful selection process where they are screened and vetted properly before they are allowed to work on the site and eventually set their own prices. All psychics on the site must pass test readings before they can be active on the site and they can be called on to give demonstration readings in the chat rooms when they are picked as the physic of the hour. If you are lucky you might be selected for the free session.

Types of Psychics Available

When you take a look at the Oranum website, you will find a wide selection of psychics and topics. From the topic list on the site, you get information on the following types of readers:

  • Love and relationships
  • Tarot card readings
  • Mediums
  • Fortune telling

Picking the most suitable psychic

With the live video chat that Oranum provides, you can easily enter into a session with a reader and get an idea of what to expect. You can also take advantage of the free demonstrations offered every hour on the site. During these sessions, the readers usually do a quick single card reading for clients.

With the free chat service, you can get to look at different advisors on the site and the one that most suits you and your needs before committing to a private session. Some psychics also end up having loyal followers and you can connect with the readers even outside of the live chats. It is not at all surprising to find clients that will go out on Friday nights and be chilling with their favourite psychics in the chat rooms just talking life in general.

Pricing Structure

The cost of the sessions is determined by the individual psychics but on the main page, you can get an idea of what to expect in terms of pricing. Some psychics also offer occasional sales that bring down prices as well. You buy time with Oranum and then you use that time to talk to your advisor in a private chat session.

Take note that the free demos tend to bring in an influx of users and it can get a little crazy connecting to the chat rooms during these demos. And with the sheer number of people, there is no guarantee you will be getting a free session

Mode of communication

There are no phone readings on Oranum. The only platform for interaction is the video chat. There also exists a free and public chat room for all psychics but when you buy a reading, you can move into a private chat room with that psychic. You can experience the psychic working but you must only reply in text by typing.

Money back

If you are not satisfied with your service, you have to get in touch with customer care and you will be issued site credits for another reading.


Form the view of the consumer, Oranum has to be a favourite considering all of the features they have such as the video chat and chat rooms that foster an engaging and socially fun environment.

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