psychic center review

Psychic Center Review


Psychic Center is the live platform of the umbrella site This site is visited by millions of people every day and they are all seeking advice on some of the questions that are pertinent to their minds. The company is unique due to their transparency with their pricing and they allow users to quickly rate the service they get. Psychic Center brings together a large collection of very experienced psychics, astrologist and tarot readers to offer you all the guidance you need. They are most suitable for those who want to have a wide selection of psychics to choose from.


  • You can read customer reviews and feedback before you purchase
  • Access to reward programs that refund 10% of what you spend
  • The site has been running since 1999


  • Huge database that you can search for psychics
  • Starting rate of $2 per minute
  • Starting offer of $5 for a 10-minute consultation


  • You can only communicate via phone
  • Refunds are capped at 5 minutes consulting time
  • The search by rate per minute function is not functional

What is the Psychic Center Selection Pool?

On, you have access to a lot of experienced advisors and loyal customers. Every psychic manages their own individual businesses on and some of these readers have been on the platform for over 10 years with a large and loyal following

There are no free chat mediums available but the promo fee for your first 10 minute reading is set at $5. This gives you an incredible opportunity to get to know your psychic and try out their skills before you commit fully. This site is only available in the US and Canada but the psychics are also residents of these two countries so you should have no issues calling them

Selecting a Psychic

This is where psychic center really stands out. Every psychic has a detailed profile which includes a recording of their voice, a summary of their abilities and expertise and a comprehensive information around their availability. All of this information helps you pick the right reader for you.

There are also so many users who have reviewed the psychics and they give detailed accounts of what went down in the course of their interactions with them. A user dependent star rating system is displayed on every psychic’s profile with which you can easily use as criteria to select one.


At $2, the starting rate per minute is very low and in fact this site says it is the lowest in the nation. You will hardly find psychic on the site who cost as little as these. Surprisingly though, even though the site gives you the ability to search for psychics by price range, the function is not working.

One good thing about the site is that you can easily avoid racking up expenses that you didn’t plan for. The site mandates that you have enough credit for at least 2 minutes of consultation on your account. This is great because you won’t get cut off unexpectedly. This is achieved by sending out an automated message minutes before your credit runs out t=informing you that you are running low and asking if you want to top up.

Psychic center also offers a rewards program that gives you up to 10% back to spend on your next reading session as long as you meet the $50 per month spend criteria.

Modes of communication

Unfortunately this is an area where psychic center is lacking. You can only reach psychic center via phone and you don’t have the option to use mediums such as video chat or email and there is no way you can see who you are consulting with. Also most of the psychics on the site are only available for a few hours every week


When it comes to the refund policy, you shouldn’t expect much more from Psychic Center. When you experience technical issues or you are unsatisfied with your service in the first 5 minutes of the call, they will refund you credit for those minutes. This is not applicable if the call is dropped sue to phone issues at your own end.

You can also send an application for a refund via email by writing a detailed explanation to the company explaining why you are not satisfied with your service but the most you can get back is 5 minutes refund in the form of credits regardless of the length of your consultation.


Psychic Center is a reliable source for psychic readers with a wealth of experience and they are the most affordable in the market depending on your selection of psychic. If you prefer a face to face conversation with the psychic via video, you will be disappointed to find that this is not an option that is available on psychic center.

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