psychic source review

Psychic Source Review


We spend much of our lives searching for answers. The questions are seemingly endless and sometimes we just need direction from someone who knows how to find the right insights into the mysteries of the world and our existence. At Psychic Source, the goal is in their slogan which reads “Life’s possibilities. Revealed”. The site takes pride in being the oldest and most revered psychic reading source with a diverse pool of certified psychics that cover different specializations.


  • Affordable
  • First 3 minutes are free
  • Proper screening of psychics before approval


  • You get site credits with the satisfaction guarantee
  • Some unique areas are difficult to find on the site

What is the Psychic Source screening process?

Psychic Source puts their prospective readers through a comprehensive screening process before they are listed on the site. Every applicant must fill out a detailed form that lists all their experience being psychic and if they pass the initial stage of screening they are then mandated to give 1 or 2 readings of between 10 to 15 minutes each to a psychic source rep.

This intense screening process will give you the confidence that you need to find authentic and fully vetted psychics on the site. On the site, you also have access to user reviews and you can make a better-informed decision when picking out a psychic.

Types of psychics and services

When it comes to psychic readings, the platform is as important as the message itself. On this site, you can get your readings via phone, chat or video and they are all effective. Psychic Source has a variety of specialities and this includes:


These people make use of their extrasensory perception to understand people, learn about locations and different objects. Clairvoyants are capable of sensing things that cannot be seen or heard and they offer you an insight into the mysteries that surround you. Psychic Source has around 140 clairvoyants on the site and you can choose from some of the best out there.


An empath is a psychic reader that can understand your feelings by empathizing with your emotions. Through understanding these feelings, they are better poised to unlock the emotional states that are responsible for the issues in our lives. You can select from a collection of over 200 empaths on Psychic Source.

Love and relationship psychic readings

These psychics are specialists in giving relationship advice. Love readings will help you understand where your relationship is headed and whether or not you have found the right partner for you. Psychic Source has well over 160 readers that specialize in love and relationships.

Career psychic readings

With career readings, you can get a deeper understanding of your work and career aspirations. You can get over 100 psychic advisors on Psychic Source who specialize in career advice.

Tarot reading

Tarot card readings have been with us long before we even discovered online psychic readings. Readers who specialize in Tarot readings can lay out a deck of 78 cards to unlock what it means for the client and how it relates to the issue they are facing. You can get over 200 Tarot readers on this site.

Astrology reading

Astrology can be a lot more complex than your regular daily horoscope and a trained astrologist can carry out analysis on your date of birth and how it aligns with the planets to learn about your energies and determine the kind of person you are. You can choose from over 65 astrology psychics on the site.

Psychic source offers many more tools and specialities that include energy healing, pet psychics, mediums and numerology. Beyond these readings, Psychic Source also offers Horoscopes that are updated on a daily basis as well as publications like the newsletter, blog posts and podcasts.

Pricing and Special offers

Psychic Source has a number of interesting starter specials and this includes 3 different packages that all come with a free 3 minutes session. The best special available is the 30 minutes for $19.80 starter pack.

A lot of psychics will cost you as cheap as $0.66 per minute while there are others that will cost you in the range of $10 – $15. Whoever you choose depends entirely on you and what your budget range is. However, you must know that price is not an indication of quality. Look closely at the customer reviews and feedback and choose wisely.

What is Unique about Psychic Source?

Comprehensive screening of psychics

The psychics on the site are carefully screened and not just anybody can get listed on the site without proper verification and screening.

A different medium of communication

You can get in touch with psychics through chat, phone or video chat. We all have our preferred means of communicating so you can pick whichever works best for you.

Different specialities available

You can get readings that cover anything from pet psychics to relationship counselling or tarot readings.

Excellent starter packs

Psychic Source has some of the greatest introductory packages for its new subscribers and with psychics setting their own price, you can find a reading whatever your budget range. You also get site credits for instances where you are not satisfied.

Customer Support

One of the main attractions of Psychic Source is the customer support. You can get options like the live chat where you can talk real time with their representatives. If you’d rather fill an online form and wait for a response via mail, you also get that option. Lastly with the satisfaction guarantee, if you are ever not satisfied with the service you get, you can request your money back in the form of site credits.


Psychic source rigorously vets all their psychics before they list them on their site and this is indicative of the quality they uphold and how much they value user experience. You can get a wealth of experience at an affordable price range with a guarantee for satisfaction.

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